The graphics experts at Vernon Graphics handle all aspects of the company’s pressure sensitive products, including special quotes, order processing, advancing commissions and customer service requests

  • Answer questions concerning all aspects of Vernon Graphics sign sales including ship dates and commission.
  • Provides pricing of special materials and quantities
  • Handles all adjustments on Vernon Graphic orders including tracking, changes and cancellations.
  • Processes orders and advances commissions.

Customer service serves an important role in managing orders. This department handles all inquiries and issues that might arise after an order is sent over to the supplier.

  • Checks on order delivery status
  • Handles order adjustments, changes or cancellations.
  • Manages the proof approval process.

This busy department ensures that orders were entered accurately, checks to see that all necessary files are included – like artwork – and gets the completed orders to the supplier within two hours on average. The order department also calculates the commission to be advanced to the Account Executive for each order.

  • Audit all orders
  • Advance all commissions
  • Handle artwork issues

“We’re very efficient in the Order Department ! We are responsible for calculating and paying commissions on orders. We also issue purchase orders and ensure that orders entered into our online order-entry system are forward to the supplier. And with Vernon’s recent investments in technology, it only takes an average of two hours to get the order to the supplier.” – Melissa Hobbs, Order Department


The professional staff of the credit department is responsible for all credit and collections activities. They establish credit limits for all customer accounts and with each new order, they verify credit before issuing purchase orders. They also handle specific credit inquiries, and manage all aspects of customer billing including invoicing the customer, accounts receivable and collections.

  • Establishes all credit policies.
  • Checks credit on all orders received.
  • Sends out invoices, statements and collection letters.
  • Oversees collection of past due accounts.

“The credit department team has six members with an average of 35 years of work experience and knowledge. We perform a variety of job responsibilities within the department. We begin the process by establishing customer credit limits, prepare customer invoices, handle billing issues, and oversee accounts receivable transactions including daily bank deposits and credit cards. We work closely with account executives to ensure that they know the status of their accounts. We also make any collection contacts by phone or email so you can sell more!” – Sandy Zeka, Credit


“We do all product research and quoting for our account executives when they can’t find the right product for their customer. We utilize a number of different search methods to provide them with product options that will meet their needs. We communi-cate with the sales force via phone, email and fax. We also check with industry suppliers to see if they can meet specific in-hands dates. Collectively, our department has more than 100+ years of industry experience.” – Diane Danley, Pre-Sales


This support department helps before an order is placed. With over 85 years of combined experience, this team responds to all inquiries and quotation requests from the sales force (except Vernon Graphics).

The Vernon Company is recognized as one of the largest and most successful promotional product firms in North America. Founded in 1902 by F.L. Vernon, we serve more than 40,000 customers from our Newton, Iowa corporate headquarters.

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