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Greetings from the Internet – where we are continuing to work hard to adapt to new ways of conducting business! We had another very effective Coffee Collaboration this week. Some of us needed a warm beverage more than others this week; I sure hope everyone is handling these record temperatures in the same way everyone is handling changes to our business climate. 

Our meaningful discussion with colleagues this week centered around the exciting concept of kitting. We discussed ways to utilize this concept for programs such as new-hires, employee appreciation, virtual events, and more. Kitting is particularly enticing now that so many companies are relying on telework these days. Our group brought their usual creativity to the collaboration. The tips and tricks we learn from one another are nothing short of remarkable. 

I’m always grateful for these informal, but insightful gatherings. I walk away with new ideas from everyone in the field, as well as, our supplier partners.  What great fresh concepts and ideas!  I ask myself ‘what is working for the Vernon Account Executives?’ One of the greatest things I learned from my business mentors is to never stop thinking about new ways to get into the market

Keep the ideas coming! The Vernon Company was practically founded on a ‘social’ business model. While we all long for the days when we can gather together in person, enjoying stories about our families and our business, I’m proud to see how well we’ve evolved into life online.      

Vernon Remembers Others During the Holidays

As part of its longstanding tradition of giving back to the local community, employees at The Vernon Company helped support and contribute to a number of charitable organizations in December.

A number of employees at all levels of the organization helped raise funds for The Salvation Army by manning posts at red kettle locations around town. The Company also held a food drive throughout the month benefiting the local food pantry. “I’m always amazed at the generosity of people – particularly during the holiday season,” remarked Chris Vernon, President and CEO for the Company.

Also in the spirit of giving, employees participated in a “Holiday Mitten, Hat and PJ tree” bringing in numerous items for youngsters throughout Jasper County. “It’s unbearable to think about kids without the basic necessities to keep them warm and comfortable during the winter months,” said Laurie Fanning, who leads the Company’s Activity Committee. “Every little bit helps.”

Additionally, individuals purchased special gifts for local boys and girls as part of an annual Angel Tree Toy Drive event. Lynn Pickett, Pre-Sales Manager at Vernon, has been organizing the Company’s participation in this annual donation drive for many years. “It’s so great that we’re able to give back and help make the holidays a little more special for local children,” stated Pickett.

2021…… New Year, New You, New Attitude…… Embrace It

Today, January 6th, means we are almost a full seven days into 2021. What have you done to make your situation better? A lot of things are changing around us, but what are you doing to better yourself? We all make New Year’s resolutions, but are they bettering your personal and professional growth? Know your self-worth and make sure that whatever you are doing is bettering your situation, and gets you to where you need to be. Set goals that will make you better.

Make these goals intentional to help achieve success. Make sure you have daily goals; these will help achieve those weekly goals. Those weekly goals should help you achieve your monthly goals, and those monthly goals should get you to your quarterly goals. All this looks and sounds great on paper, but all this can be started by your attitude. You have to have a good attitude about it all, your attitude will dictate your success. Your success will be measured by how many goals you accomplish… be hungry and don’t allow anyone to change your mindset.

Knowing your self-worth and having the right attitude will help push you to complete your goals, and that means success.

2021 is here don’t allow anything to stop you, be hungry… it’s time to Eat!

The Passing of a Legend

2020 has been somewhat of a unique time for everyone. There has been a lot of hardship that has happened this year, and with that it makes us enjoy the beautiful things a little more than we use to. One of the beautiful things that we have is life, and last Thursday night, life stood still for a moment for everyone at the Vernon Company. Friday the announcement was made that Bill Vernon had passed away.

As news broke about what happened, people began to reflect on what Bill meant to them. Regardless if you were close to Bill or not, he has touched you in some way. Bill made life beautiful for everyone… for his kids, grandkids, fellow Vernon employees, and for everyone that knew him. The reaction from our Vernon family was filled with hugs, tears, smiles, and stories, all that made people remember why they chose to work at the Vernon Company.

Thanks to Bill, the past 64 years have been filled with a lot of happiness and success at the Vernon Company. This was due to his passion, he had a different kind of passion, not everyone can match his energy and love for his art. To say plainly, Bill was a different breed.

For who Bill was, he was proud of the people that represented the Vernon Company. He knew everyone by name, and he made it a point to let you know he knew you. Bill approved everyone that joined Vernon regardless of the position they were hired for. That is what made and continues to make Vernon different.

I unfortunately never got to meet Bill, but I see him in the family that surrounds me when I am with my Vernon Family. That’s what made Bill the special person he was, he was not only a great man but a man that made you a better person. For me, it makes me want to make sure the Vernon legacy lives on.

** Read a touching tribute from ASI here:

The Vernon Company is recognized as one of the largest and most successful promotional product firms in North America. Founded in 1902 by F.L. Vernon, we serve more than 40,000 customers from our Newton, Iowa corporate headquarters.

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