The Passing of a Legend

2020 has been somewhat of a unique time for everyone. There has been a lot of hardship that has happened this year, and with that it makes us enjoy the beautiful things a little more than we use to. One of the beautiful things that we have is life, and last Thursday night, life stood still for a moment for everyone at the Vernon Company. Friday the announcement was made that Bill Vernon had passed away.

As news broke about what happened, people began to reflect on what Bill meant to them. Regardless if you were close to Bill or not, he has touched you in some way. Bill made life beautiful for everyone… for his kids, grandkids, fellow Vernon employees, and for everyone that knew him. The reaction from our Vernon family was filled with hugs, tears, smiles, and stories, all that made people remember why they chose to work at the Vernon Company.

Thanks to Bill, the past 64 years have been filled with a lot of happiness and success at the Vernon Company. This was due to his passion, he had a different kind of passion, not everyone can match his energy and love for his art. To say plainly, Bill was a different breed.

For who Bill was, he was proud of the people that represented the Vernon Company. He knew everyone by name, and he made it a point to let you know he knew you. Bill approved everyone that joined Vernon regardless of the position they were hired for. That is what made and continues to make Vernon different.

I unfortunately never got to meet Bill, but I see him in the family that surrounds me when I am with my Vernon Family. That’s what made Bill the special person he was, he was not only a great man but a man that made you a better person. For me, it makes me want to make sure the Vernon legacy lives on.

** Read a touching tribute from ASI here:

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