During Covid-19 I’ve read more…lots of different genres (some business guides, a little detective fiction, and finally my favorite book, The Upside of Being Down, by Jen Gotch).  This book discusses the struggles and challenges of launching a business, creating a brand, selling the business, marriage & divorce, mental illness, empowering young women (I have two daughters), and learning how to really love yourself and find beauty around you. 

Normally I wouldn’t mention a book like this because it encompasses so much more than business acumen, but I found it very moving.  It’s all about life’s’ struggle and I know most of us are encountering that issue in some way or another right now.  The author discusses her ability to find beauty in even the most negative situations.  I’ve found that while Covid has been catastrophic on many levels, I have also received gifts that I never intended.  Watching our account executives come up with creative new communication methods to keep their customers engaged and informed, selling products (PPE) in the droves when even 60 days ago no one knew the difference between N95 or KN95, suppliers going above and beyond so that we can continue to bring in sales and prepare for the coming months as our customers open back up.  Not to mention our home office staff…they have been nimble and continue to foster a team spirit seamlessly continuing their work from home which is a new experience for most of them. 

I’m proud of The Vernon Company and I’m proud to work with my family.  My brothers, Cameron and Rick, are on the front lines working with customers, and Chris continues to shepherd us all.  We will see smoother waters, but if I have to be on rough seas I wouldn’t want to be with any other crew.

The Vernon Company is recognized as one of the largest and most successful promotional product firms in North America. Founded in 1902 by F.L. Vernon, we serve more than 40,000 customers from our Newton, Iowa corporate headquarters.

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